After sales

Discover our complete warranty

Buying a car from Autokruispunt? Then you're not only sure of a high-quality and reliable vehicle, you also enjoy a complete warranty.

And for us, complete means absolutely complete. The first year after your purchase, you get a full warranty on all parts and labour for any defects and breakdowns. There are no exclusions with us, as is the case with many car dealers. Problems with the battery or clutch? Thanks to our complete
warranty, you always have peace of mind.

14-day exchange guarantee

To err is human. That's why Autokruispunt offers a 14-day exchange guarantee. Not happy with your car? Then you can exchange it for another one if you didn't travel more than 500 kilometres and the vehicle is in the same condition as when it was delivered.

Free replacement car

An unexpected defect with your car is always inconvenient. To ease your suffering, we offer you a free replacement car for the duration of the repair. So you'll always stay mobile.