About us

Passionate about your mobility

When Autokruispunt was founded in 2003, we were determined to offer our customers these assets:

  • an unprecedented wide range of quality vehicles
  • a transparent history
  • a complete quality warranty with trade-in option

Full service

These advantages still hold today. What's more, we focus on a full service in which personal advice
and a range of quality vehicles with a complete warranty on all your car's parts and defects are valid for up to 1 year after purchase.

Buy a car from Autokruispunt? Then we're also happy to take care of maintenance thanks to our vast technical knowledge of many car brands.

Family character

Autokruispunt is a family business where Tim and Ludo Levecke, together with their motivated team,
pull out all the stops every day to offer you the best car. From this family perspective, we also
consider it our duty to materially and financially support several social causes for young people and
people with a disability. This helps us contribute to a friendly and sustainable society.

Tim Levecke 

Acquisition and daily management

Ludo Levecke 

Acquisition and sales

Bart Morioux 

Administration and bookkeeping

Kristof Van de Gaer


Dimitri Delise


Koen Verbeylen 


Dusan Jovetic