Autokruispunt Professional

Our extensive warranty

Autokruispunt takes it further!

Are you ok with just a basic guarantee on your car? Autokruispunt realy takes it further. We make a choice: your certainty. That’s why we offer our gold-guarantee for free. You want even more safety to protect your investment? Well you can. You can select our exclusive diamond-guarantee.

Autokruispunt offers you the possibility to have your car serviced at the workshop of your choice a without losing your guarantee. Even a repair under our guarantee can be carried out at the dealer of your choice or in our own workshop in Tielt-Winge. Please consider that Autokruispunt is not asking any exemptions (no costs on you, as most dealers ask)

You would like to learn more about our guarantee offers? Visit one of our point of sales and our team will be more than happy to give you all details you want to know.

This is what you should get from other car-dealers

Because they have to by law …
6 month guarantee on mechanical and electrical parts, including labour, 12 month guarantee on the engine and the transmission.

Because they have to as a Federauto member…
Members of Federauto offer you 12 months guarantee on mechanical and electrical parts, including labour.

This is what you get exclusively from Autokruispunt

Autokruispunt gold-guarantee free of charge

  • 12 month guarantee on all mechanical and electrical parts, including labour cost.
  • No exemptions to be paid.

Autokruispunt diamond-guarantee: 5 years peace of mind

If the car you buy hasn’t reach the age of 5 years and has not passed 100.000km, you can get yourself 5 years peace of mind with the Autokruispunt diamond-guarantee

  • 5 years of guarantee (via external partner)
  • Including break-down service
  • Including replacement vehicle
  • Guarantee starts only at the day you buy your car
  • Only in combination with our credit offer

Please ask for it in your preferred Autokruispunt point of sales!!