Autokruispunt Professional

Autokruispunt Professional

Dear Customer, this webpage has been designed for professional users only (car dealers and car traders). If you are a private person or a company not dealing with cars, you won’t get access to this page and we ask you to click through to for all further information.

Autokruispunt has been dealing with car dealers abroad since many years. That’s why we can offer you the best cars and the lowest price. Expand your stock with another virtual 250 cars from us.

For you, as a professional, Autokruispunt offers you the easiest way to more success.

What’s your benefit?

  • You can choose out of 250 cars from our stock.
  • As our professional partner, you can purchase our cars at the lowest possible price.
  • You know that all our cars have already been checked buy our mechanics (maintenance, body-work, tires, brakes,…)
  • You won’t have any extra costs. Our cars are ready to be sold and delievred to the end-user.
  • Our cars are immediately available. We know how to handle all the administration swiftly.
  • A team of experst is at your disposal for all your questions
  • If you are a Belgian car-dealer, we can take care off delivering the car to you (for a minimum of 60€/car)

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