Autokruispunt Professional

The 10 Autokruispunt certainties

1. Only the best cars are – barely – good enough

With its years of experience Autokruispunt can find and select the best cars for you. We know that your car is a major investment. That’s why we only want to offer guaranteed quality. Carpass, vehicles that have been correctly maintained, clear history and known origin have been part of the natural order of things for more than 15 years. That’s what we offer at the best possible prices.

For your car, we play it safe. All cars are inspected and tested by highly skilled professionals who are continuously trained. We cannot leave anything to chance

Each year over 2000 satisfied customers, that’s what we are proud of!

2. All brands, from Alfa Romeo to Zastava

At Autokruispunt it’s always auto-show day. You will always find a large stock of cars (more than 200). We can offer any brand, as long as the quality meets our strict standards.

If your favorite car is currently not available, just let us know. With our extensive network of solid partners built up over more than 15 years, we can make your dream come true.

3. We bring the car you’ve selected to your preferred location

From the starting point on, Autokruispunt offers the best service around.

Did you spot your future car on our web-site? Is it by any chance in a location that is not easy for you te visit? No worries. One phone call and we will bring your car to the shop you choose, without any further obligations. You are the most important element at Autokruispunt.

4. 14-day trade in guarantee

Cars are a lot like relationships, it either clocks or it doesn't. If, after a few days, you don’t feel like your new car is the right fit for you, then simply come by and trade it in for one of Autokruispunt's other cars.


  • Trade in within 14 days
  • You have driven a maximum of 500 km
  • You return the car in the same condition as at the time of purchase

No compensation for:

  • Registration tax
  • Fees for changes to car insurance or credit
  • Added accessories such as a tow bar or roof rack

5. Test drive

Customer satisfaction is our trademark. That’s why we will always advise taking a test drive.

Our professional staff will support you in helping to make the right choice. During a test drive you can find out it your car offers what you are looking for. After all, you don’t get a new car every week.

6. Trade-in for your old vehicle

With its years of experience and its extensive network, Autokruispunt can take your old car off your hands at the best price, regardless of brand, age or mileage. We take immediate care of your trade-in, no endless negotiations with ‘strange’ buyers. We prefer to take our own responsibilities.

7. Very fast and correct delivery

The vehicles you can find on our web-site are on stock. What you see is what is available. Our web-site is up-to-date on the minute. Buy your car from Autokruispunt, 48h later you are driving it.

With our revolutionary ‘1 Stop & Drive’ concept we are the only ones to be able to offer such a fast delivery.

8. Unequalled guarantee

Whether you choose a 5.000€ car or a 50.000€ car, you get the Autokruispunt Gold-Guarantee free of charge.

You really want the best guarantee available on the market? Go for the Autokruispunt Diamond-Guarantee. 

We are the only 2nd hand car dealer in Belgium that can offer:

  • 5 years guarantee starting on the purchase date
  • no fixed penalties
  • without any other obligations

for all cars not older than 5 years and no more than 100.000kms on the odometer.

Ask for it or read about it on this page.

9. Replacement or interim vehicle

Our unique ‘1 Stop & Drive’ concept allows us to make a swift delivery. Of course, if you choose one of the accessories, the delivery can be delayed. You are cureently no longer in possession of a car? Don’t worry, Autokruispunt has 5 cars at your disposal if you need a car right now, free of charge.

Your car needs unexpected guarantee repair? Let us know and you drive a replacement car for as long as it takes, again free of charge!

10. Many financing possibilities

Autokruispunt can offer different kinds of financing: loans, renting, leasing. Get in touch and we will find the best option for you and your car. 

*Watch out, loaning money costs money.