Autokruispunt Professional

1 Stop & Drive

Congratulations, you’ve just bought a new car. Now the paperwork starts: going to the bank, looking for the best solution for your insurance, waiting for the license plates, …. A lot of work and time to be spend. In the mean time, your car is waiting for you ….

Let’s put a stop to all that. Autokruispunt makes sure your car will be ready within 48 hours, everything arranged for you

Only 1 stop and you can drive. How is that possible?

  • we take care of your loan if you need one
  • we can offer extensive guarantee packages on our cars
  • we make sure your car is ready to drive with and free of maintenance in the shortest possible time
  • we take your car to technical inspection
  • we can take care of your insurance and as such we can take care of getting your car licensed
  • we clean your car from top to bottom
  • if you choose so, we can even give your car a professional interior and exterior protection treatment
  • we take care of your license plates

Your car is ready to drive within 48 hours without you having to spend any time on it, the paperwork is ours!

You only need to drop by once. Autokruispunt does the rest: efficiently and in a professional way.

We choose for your certainty.